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Antrim 27

With its innovative design, the Antrim 27 is perfect for the weekend sailing enthusiast who demands both the performance of a sportboat and the overnight cruising comforts found on larger boats. The Antrim 27 is a stable, upright performer capable of handling a wide range of sailing conditions. It will delight you as a spirited coastal adventurer; or it can be raced with a crew of four or five men or women of any age and experience. The deck-mounted articulating bowsprit allows total cockpit comfort and keeps the interior dry and uninterrupted.
With the Antrim 27, we included some of the great features found on our Ultimate 20 to create an innovative craft with lots of space and plenty of extras. The Antrim's retractable keel provides versatility for ramp launching in shallow water areas. And, with a convenient winch that can raise the keel to a draft of just 3', 4", the Antrim 27 allows you to venture where shallow water is a concern.
 Dry storage and trailering have become a common practice, and at just 2,600 pounds, the Antrim 27 is light and manageable, both on and off the water. Its light weight and the low trailer profile provided by its retracted keel means you can easily tow the Antrim 27 behind most 6- or 8-cylinder passenger vehicles. Smart looks and solid, world-class design and construction take the Antrim 27 to the next level.

The Antrim 27 is lively and quick.

The hull form, in combination with a deep bulb keel gives the boat a solid "big boat" feel and provides plenty of sail carrying power. The keel retracts to 3'-6" draft, allowing access to shallow launch areas. Trailer height is low enough for convenience; but high enough to avoid road dirt. The deep, high aspect rudder ensures tight cornering ability, control when conditions get wild, and a light, sure touch on the helm. Why have we avoided the fine bow and plumb stems that are in current vogue? Get out in the high winds and big waves. You will marvel at the effortless helm. When the other guys are nose diving and spinning out, you will be planing at double digit speeds.

A small, low overlap jib makes tacking easy. Standard roller furling gets it stowed in a hurry. A 345 square foot high roach main drives the boat upwind. The prebent mast harmonizes with the mainsail for automated depowering in heavy air. This flexible topmast system has proven its effectiveness on 18 foot skiffs and other high performance dinghies.

Offwind kick comes from a big masthead asymmetric spinnaker. You say you want to sail deep? This bow pole swings through a 60 degree arc. A unique line driver control swings the pole quickly and easily through the jibe. Your "foredeck" person stands in the companionway. Like the U20's, the retracting carbon bowsprit is deck mounted for safety and a clean interior.

Loose companionway sliders and lost hatch boards are fine for sailing in protected waters; but have no place at sea. Our hatch board is a companionway step when stowed - always at hand, and fixed on a lanyard as prescribed by ORC rules. Outboards can be an annoyance, difficult to mount and smelly. The open transom makes mounting easy on the Antrim 27, no more hanging off the stern of the boat with your feet hooked under the lifelines. The motor stows in it's own private stateroom under the cockpit sole. You can shut the door, and let the noisy brat out only when you need to.

We said this was a family boat; and the women will be happy to see a comfortable sit down head with optional thick privacy curtain. In case your kids still live at home, there is room for four big adults to sleep comfortably below. Galley facilities are modest; but the counters can be comfortably worked from bench seating on centerline. No more slumping under the side deck - there is room to sit bolt upright under the house.

Carbon fiber reinforcement is used in stress and stiffness critical areas. These include mast and bowsprit, rudder and keel, and a diamond pattern structural grid linking the keel, chainplates, and mast step.

Those who love the sport can't help but enjoy this fast and friendly yacht.











2,600 lbs.


1050 lbs.


489 sq. ft.


5 HP (inboard optional)


Jim Antrim



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